Passionate, Innovative, Investment Partners

Sequel Property Investments was established as a business in 2009 by Craig Ewin, Peter Sparks and Roger Perkin.

Craig, Peter and Roger collectively have more eighty years' experience in the assembly, financing and management of property portfolios, primarily in the listed environment in South Africa, where they have held executive roles, and more recently in the United Kingdom. They bring to Sequelprops a breadth of complementary experience in various facets of the property industry in both of those jurisdictions.

The shareholders of Sequelprops are intimately engaged in the business - real people, focused on real returns from real assets.

Our investment partners and shareholders in the funds we manage can expect

  • Passionate, creative and innovative people focused on unearthing excellent property investment opportunities at the right price.
  • Expertise derived from hands-on experience and access to top property consultants and professional advisers.
  • Prudent advice around the timing of investments recognising that, like all asset classes, the property cycle offers periods of attractive buying and times to be more patient.
  • A focus on generating superior investment returns through a dynamic and ongoing attention to detail aimed at growing the property income, while managing the associated risks.
  • A recognition that lasting business partnerships are built on trust, honesty and transparency.